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2005.08.27 (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest
will take place @ AlterSpace (CHI.IL.US)

this (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest will include the following [aspects/components]:

+ live realtime audio video performances:
~ Teleseen (NYC NY .US)
~ Amanda Gutiérrez + Ezara Hoffman + Jake Elliot (CHI IL .US)
~ view.sys | sys.view by jonCates ++ jon.satrom (CHI IL .US)

+ mashUp boom box audio file play.bak:
~ r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r by various artists

+ open frame work digitalArt img space
~ ][]P3|\|.|=r@/\/\3.\/\/()r|<][ by various artists

+ artware sandbox pizza party:
~ 4r+\/\/4r3 54|\||)0x P!ZZ4 P4r+y by r4WB!t5 organizers

+ physical distributions of new media projects including:
~ txt by ivan lópez (Mexico City .MX)

+ video installation/lecture
~ Can I get an Amen? by Nate Harrison (LA CA .US)

download the press pdf