r4wb1t5 glitchy

(A) RE:uɹnʇ TO: d1Ɍ+y̶ ̶N̶3WWW _M3DI∆ #Chicago

SATURDAY MAY 14 2016 (A) _r4w.EɌ̶Ɍ̶.b1t5!
@ TCC in Chicago!
2547 W North Ave Chicago, IL
doors: 7PM
performances: 8 - late

Nearly a decade after the most recent r4wb1t5!; logs have been cleared, partitions swapped, and disks de/refraged. Now the dis/innovative [platform|framework] for (A)narchistic forms of decentralized mini/micro festivals is charged up to 110,000% and ready to be eXXXecuted (A)gain. Featuring works and performances by over 40 artists heralding from various nation states and network nodes, r4wb1t5!: (A) RE:uɹnʇ TO: d1Ɍ+y̶ ̶N̶3WWW _M3DI∆ #Chicago is [a one night [blip/ a transient assembly/ a temporary array] of works at the crossroads of digital punk, noise musics + freak folktronics.


DJ set: BAD NEW FUTURE w/ Jon Satrom Jason Soliday scoriaconvert (AKA Jon Satrom) Dalton White Carter w/ jonCates stAllio! Ghetto Caviar Jeff Kolar diebenjidie w/ a.monks James Connolly Pearl Marie Salas

Installed Works:

Attraktor Zeros [Pedro Paulo Rocha] Domenico Dom Barra Dalton White Carter jonCates Jon Chambers Yaazd Hafeez Contractor Sara Goodman Paul Hertz Nıhıl Mınuş Mike Pelletier Jon Satrom Mathieu St Pierre SURVANT-Cryp [Patrick Quinn & jonCates] XXXTRAPRINCESS [Janet Lin 愛真 & Paula Pinho Martins Nacif]

Screened Works:

Cheryl Acuña Laura Callier Jessica Fenlon shawné michaelain holloway Audra S Jacot Monica Panzarino Tù.úk'z Systamé

Interweb Works:

E. Jane ../n!ck: Briz ARCANEBOLT [Mark Beasley, Alex Inglizian, & Tamas Kemenczy] Samuel H Goldstein stAllio!

Printed TXTs:

../n!ck Briz: Thoughts On Glitch[Art]v2.0 (2015)

jonCates, Jake Elliott, & shawné michaelain holloway: /DirtyNewMediaGLIdotTCfwdslashH2112.pdf (2012)

jonCates, Amanda Gutiérrez, & Jon Satrom: PROPOSAL FOR A MESHWORK OF R4WB1T5 MICRO.FESTS (2006)

jonCates: 1337 ¥³4Γ$ øƒ D1RTY N3W M3DI∆: 2005 - 2012 CH1C∆Gø (2012)

Nunzia Faes: Irony of Self-Domination in Glitch Art (2016)


Abi Miller: Can I Have Some #PrivacyPlease (2016)

Nicolas Maigret & Maria Roszkowska: The Pirate Book (2015)

Daniel Temkin: Glitch & & Human/Computer Interaction (2014)

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